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Favourite Editorials


catherine-mcneil-by-sebastian-kim-for-vogue-australia-february-2015-2 catherine-mcneil-by-sebastian-kim-for-vogue-australia-february-2015-4 catherine-mcneil-by-sebastian-kim-for-vogue-australia-february-2015-6 catherine-mcneil-by-sebastian-kim-for-vogue-australia-february-2015-7 catherine-mcneil-by-sebastian-kim-for-vogue-australia-february-2015-10

Christmas Outfits. Its all about the layering

christmas party outfit

Givenchy jacket

Givenchy pants
£355 -

Adidas sneaker



Wall art
£42 -
christmas layering

Étoile Isabel Marant jumpsuits romper
£270 -

Adidas Originals sneaker
Christmas outfit

Topshop leather shorts
£180 -

Givenchy sandals


Wimbledon whites…

How I would wear a culotte.

THE PINEAPPLE. Amazing source of inspiration fun and sunshine delight…..

pineapple face in a carfloating pineapplepineapple back shoespineapple skate boardpineapple tatoopineapple baralexa bangledisco pineapplepineapple_sconce_1_1024x1024pineapple sandlespineapple juicepineapple hand bag charlotte olympiapineapple boobs

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Grace Hartzel Rocks the Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2014 Lookbook

YSL pre fall 2014 mediumportrait4 mediumportrait5 prefall4_0 saint-laurent-pre-fall-2014-2-1 saint-laurent-pre-fall-2014-6 saint-laurent-pre-fall-2014-7 saint-laurent-pre-fall-2014-8 saint-laurent-pre-fall-2014-9 saint-laurent-pre-fall-2014-17 saint-laurent-pre-fall-2014-23 saint-laurent-pre-fall-2014-24 saint-laurent-pre-fall-2014-27 saint-laurent-pre-fall-2014-29 saint-laurent-pre-fall-2014-32 saint-laurent-pre-fall-2014-37.jpgqresize343P2C457.pagespeed.ce_.XIWgobU94X saint-laurent-pre-fall-2014-38.jpgqresize344P2C457.pagespeed.ce_.PVIxeCaZK5 saint-laurent-pre-fall-2014-39 saint-laurent-pre-fall-2014-41-1



Iemanja is a  goddess in the Brazilian myths and she is the deity that has control over the waters. It is important to appease her with gifts such as flowers on New Year’s day. Candles are lit on the beach, flotation devices are made with flowers as well as material goods as offerings that get sent out into the ocean to the goddess Iemanja. It is a very spiritual ceremony  based on the past and this tradition has been in existence even before the country had transformed Christianity in the predominant religion.

Alexa pictures

I always did like wearing jewellery…

Alexa pictures 1


Alexa pictures 3 Alexa pictures 4

Weekends in Buzios.

Alexa pictures 5 Alexa pictures 6

Alexa pictures 7


Alexa pictures 8

Flowers, candels offerings to the goddess Iemanja.


Maria Bethania: Sonho Meu……..

Harper’s Bazaar Brazil

I was recently interviewed for Harper’s Bazaar Brazil. Below is a translation of the article that appeared in the March 2014 edition.

Harper's Bazaar BrazilC


CARIOCA SOUL- The Soul of Rio de Janeiro

Alexa de Castilho, English jeweller who grew up in Brazil, has success in London with jewellery inspired by Rio de Janeiro in the 1970s.

‘Hot and elegant’ is how Alexa de Castilho describes her recent collection of jewellery.   Daughter of a Portuguese father and English mother, this jeweller born in Brazil, displays an enviable mix of bohemian and class in her creations.   This was how the designer found her inspiration for her first collection of Rio Discotheque.  ‘My parents knew each other from The King’s Road in the 60s. We moved to Brazil where we lived during the 70s’ she says.

And it is this decade which inspires her first pieces, long chains and bracelets which mix gold and silver.  Between Rio de Janeiro, where she lived, and the weekends in Buzios, the jeweller, who today lives in Brighton on the British south coast, …built an imaginary world – the curves of Oscar Niemeyer – the sound of Maria Bethania – the blessings of iemanja – these are her inspiration for the collection.

The pieces depict details showing both the wildness of nature and ‘tropicalism’:   teeth of gold are made into pendants and medallions have pineapples, coconuts, and wild cats engraved.  Sensitivity is the word in her creations.   From Chico Buarque to flowers thrown in the sea at New Year, her memory is truly Brazilian.   These memories from childhood have left a mark which she takes advantage of.  and its in this the place of her childhood where this designer desires to expand her brand.  ‘Brazil has never left my soul’ says the jeweller, who misses the heat when she is working just a few kilometres from England’s capital.   For the moment the pieces are not yet for sale here (in Brazil), but it is possible to order them direct from the official website …..


inspired by palm trees

houseofhackney_palms41c8956029f5e99c1b9beda6cf77937285b379bf19016c82fb1b7d99554fd2ad 5d8bc3916748b91db5b20e9a308d95250f5157bfdb36882b83d4f5e92d6c216e 5f67d07829189260ba9e8f382fcddea3 a211e8c9f61f295eab4d646d2b131bbb-152436c70ecaf30464f15ccd48d422443 67a0fa1bc637e87b2ab36efcaee3a0b2  rio-06-bb d2750b762d3bf917571bc97bb2f62c3c palms_wear it 2

image source 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11

wear it image 1 – necklace

wear it image 2 – suitshirt

In the palms with Vogue Mexico

Hana-Jirickova-Vogue-Mexico-April-2013.7 Hana-Jirickova-Vogue-Mexico-April-2013 Hana-Jirickova-Vogue-Mexico-April-2013.12 Hana-Jirickova-Vogue-Mexico-April-2013.11 Hana-Jirickova-Vogue-Mexico-April-2013.13 Hana-Jirickova-Vogue-Mexico-April-2013.1 Hana-Jirickova-Vogue-Mexico-April-2013.4

Take me away….Vogue Mexico

Rosie Huntington-Whitely calling the shots in Vogue Brazil April 2013

Rosie-Huntington-Whitely-Vogue-Brazil-April-2013.20 Rosie-Huntington-Whitely-Vogue-Brazil-April-2013 Rosie-Huntington-Whitely-Vogue-Brazil-April-2013.8 Rosie-Huntington-Whitely-Vogue-Brazil-April-2013.4 Rosie-Huntington-Whitely-Vogue-Brazil-April-2013.2 Rosie-Huntington-Whitely-Vogue-Brazil-April-2013.1 Rosie-Huntington-Whitely-Vogue-Brazil-April-2013.6 Rosie-Huntington-Whitely-Vogue-Brazil-April-2013.10

photographer: henrique gendre  ||  stylist: Luis fiod  || makeup: monika blunder + jenny cho